When Do I Need a Session?

People often ask “How do I know when I need a cowrie shell reading?” The simple answer is when you think you need a new perspective on life.

The ancient practice of divination reading has been part of every culture on the planet for thousands of years.

This unique five element system allows you to learn about your life from the elements and the energy of the world around you. A session is like a doorway to an unseen world where broader perspectives are revealed; which in turn give you a new way to look at your life, the people and situations you encounter, and your possibilities and potential.

A cowrie shell reading gives you the chance to examine the impact you have on the world, the influences affecting your life, and the pathway to your highest potential.

When do you need a session?

  • When you’re beginning a new relationship
  • When you’re ending a current relationship
  • When you are starting a new business or a new project
  • When you are wondering which way to turn when you reach a crossroad in life.
  • Anytime you need clarity on something, you want to make a shift or change in your life, or if you need a new perspective a cowrie shell reading is just for you.

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