What Does the Process of the Reading Look Like?

Many of my clients are surprised and delighted with the beauty and ceremony of a cowrie shell reading!

Anytime you are in a period of transition and are seeking accurate, helpful information a cowrie shell reading is a powerful consultation process.

The reading itself can be done in three ways:

  1. In Person
  2. On Skype
  3. Over the Telephone

In a live reading you would sit facing me. The shells and other divining items as well as the map/cloth are between us. You would stir the shells three times counterclockwise which positions them in a manner that allows the information to be extracted. In a remote session a protocol exists which allows me to move the items on your behalf. How the items line up with the 5 element map reveals the information needed to determine your present state. They also reveal the direction your life is heading and the direction which is most helpful for you to achieve your desired outcome.

In our western culture, we are not accustomed to this type of information gathering. Throughout the world it is very common to receive information this way. The 5 element system has endured thousands of years because of its unbiased accuracy.

A wonderful aspect of this type of information gathering is that you are able to visually see the configuration of the items on the map. This in turn verifies the information communicated by me. Although you are unable to see the map when receiving a reading over the phone, I will take a picture of your layout and email it to you so that you have a visual representation of what is being revealed. I can also record the process and send you an Mp3 so that you can refer back to the session as often as you wish, until you are ready for a new reading.

Intrigued? To schedule your Cowrie Shell Reading either in person, by Skype, or over the phone, contact 773-294-5703 and or you use my online form by clicking > Contact Form. Each delivery method is as powerful and effective as the next.

I hope to be hearing from you. We can do great things together.