What Can I Expect From a Cowrie Shell Reading?

My sessions reveal solutions for any situation.

These solutions will become much clearer during and after our cowrie shell reading. If you are feeling stuck and unable to find a clear direction; if you have important decisions to make and don’t know what to do. This method is a roadmap that will show you the way to reach your desired outcomes.

I am one of the few people in the world who has been trusted with this ancient art. Existing for thousands of years, this method of divining offers people a perspective that is not found in Western culture. You can expect to understand your life and yourself better after this experience.

I have spent many hours training with Toby Christensen, who in turn was trained by Malidoma Some´, a Dagaran elder and Western educated teacher. Toby has mentored me in how to bring the wisdom of this ancient art to this culture in ways that bring clarity and assistance to modern situations.

You can expect your session with me to give you an accurate perspective on the situations or problems that exist in your life. You will also receive helpful information that will guide you in the steps you need to take to direct your life away from problematic situations and toward solutions!

If you are ready to eradicate the negative aspects of your life and to receive clarity, instruction and guidance toward solutions contact 773-294-5703 and or you use my online form by clicking > Contact Form