Spiritual Integration

Martin J. Munroe, Ph.D.Is your life integrated or compartmentalized?

Before I began my spiritual practice in earnest my life was very compartmentalized. I had little pigeon holes for all the various aspects of my life. My friendships were kept in one place (some times several places; theater friends, sports friends, etc.) My work was kept separate from my exercise routine, etc. It was a real effort keeping all these areas of my life separate from one another.

Cowrie Shells

Are you really managing your life?

Somehow this felt like the way my life should be managed. By keeping various activities and people separate I felt that I was able focus my attention on each area without muddying the waters. One of the problems with this form of “management” is that I felt that there was no flow in my life. I was constantly changing direction; closing down one area, opening up another. Exhausting!


As my spiritual practice deepened I began to notice that synchronicities began to appear. For example a friend of mine from the gym knew my drum teacher. (Let me explain that I now longer believe in coincidences in the Western sense. Things truly do happen for a reason.) I began to examine and understand these synchronicities. Working with cowrie shells and the Dagara five element system has helped to identify obstacles to develop strategies to eliminate those obstacles. Flow and integration. Everything truly is connected.

Oh, and it turns out that my gym buddy wanted to begin a spiritual exploration and he is now a client of mine

So if you’re feeling that your life is a series of pigeon holes and you need to feel dynamic flow, a cowrie shell divination could be just the thing.

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What is the Cowrie Shell Reading Process?

Djembe Tree

Djembe Tree Of Wisdom

Anytime you are in a period of transition and are seeking accurate and helpful information, a cowrie shell reading is a powerful consultation process.

Using a special cloth mat featuring ancient imagery that represents certain segments of one’s life, Martin incorporates 133 cowrie shells and a variety of other items that come from the Dagara tribe in West Africa, the origins of this unique energy consultation process.

The reading itself, which lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, can be done three ways:

  1. In person
  2. Through Skype
  3. Over the telephone

When done in person, Martin will ask you to physically spread the shells and other items around on the divination cloth, imprinting your energy onto the items. When receiving a reading over Skype or the telephone, Martin has you repeat your name three times as he spreads the items himself, following a special protocol that ensures his energy is not imprinted on the shells.

Although you are unable to see the shells and divination cloth when receiving your reading over the telephone, Martin takes a picture of your shell layout and emails it to you so you have a visual representation of what the ancestors are telling you. He also records on audio the process so you can refer back to it as often as you wish, until you are ready for a new reading.

Contact Martin to schedule your cowrie shell reading: in person, through Skype, or over the telephone! Each delivery method is as powerful and as effective as the next.