At The Crossroads

Cowrie Shell Reading Cloth

Cowrie Shell Reading Cloth

Time For a Cowrie Shell Reading?

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Are you wondering which road you should take? Do you have many options and wonder which is the best one?

These are common questions that people come to me with. Often, the cowrie shell reading can shed significant light on current situations and decisions that we face.

Here’s an example scenario: I recently had a client come to me that had several business opportunities. All of them looked as though they could be very helpful, but she really wanted to make the right decision. For her, the right decision was a business direction that would provide her financial stability, allow her to express her creativity, be in alignment with her life’s purpose, and get the most amount of productivity in the least amount of time. It’s great to make good money, but not if you work so much there is no time for fun! So we took it to the shells and did a reading.

The Process

The first thing we did when she came in was do an elemental construct chart. This is a process by which we analyze the numerical value of a person’s name, and take those numbers and apply them to their corresponding elements in the Dagara’s medicine wheel. Through this process we can determine which elemental energies are strengths, and which may be less supportive. When we find out a person’s strengths and natural tendencies, we can find a path that is most suitable when supported by favorable elemental energy. In addition, we discover the birth element. This is often a powerful indicator of ones most natural way of being.

Elemental Construct/Birth Element

Factoring in one’s birth element—which correlates to the year a person is born—and determining the elemental strengths in their name is very revealing about the most natural tendencies that a person has. Depending on the element, one might possess great organizational skills, be a profound inspiration, be a good peacemaker or negotiator, or perhaps the one who can see beyond the illusion and deep into situations. Others are naturally very good  at creating abundance and bringing people together.

These intrinsic tendencies correlate to the different elements. These elements are the map on which we spread the shells. How the shells and non-shell items corresponds to the elements shows us the energy that a person is carrying at a particular moment in relationship to the question asked.

Ask The Shells

At this point in the reading we had determined her birth element, the elemental construct of her name, and had formulated a question laying out three options for her  direction. You see, when you’re at crossroads, oftentimes there are no landmarks or road signs which say, “This is the best way!”

Holding these three possibilities in mind, she began to spread the shells. It was fascinating to see how the elemental stones lined up with the elemental energies of the medicine wheel to show us her strongest possible aspects. We could see parts of herself that were in deep transformation, parts that were aligned with her life’s purpose. We could see where deep healing was taking place in her life and the condition of her true nature. Each aspect that was revealed brought more and more clarity. I could see her demeanor shift from apprehension to delight.

The Bigger Picture Revealed

In addition to the shell and non-shell items on the divination cloth, there are spirit shells which are very useful tools in receiving yes and no answers. This helps us to fine-tune the question and answer process of a reading.

As we looked at the shells in the positioning of the elemental stones and other non-shell items, it was very apparent that this was a time for her to step into the world in a very visible way. She had gone through profound transformation and healing. She was connected to otherworldly helpers that definitely were in a supportive position. We then saw that she had strong blessings as she was true to herself, and worked in alignment with her true nature.

It’s at this point when the reading will stimulate questions. I began to ask her what felt most naturally when she thought about each of her business options. We discussed the path of healing that she had been on for the last two years. And as the shells indicated that there was tremendous support for her, it was then that she remembered some resources to help fund her business that she had not previously thought of.

It’s so cool how the shells begin to speak, which helps us all see a bigger and brighter picture!

The Result

I won’t bore you with the rest of the reading, but the bottom line is this: she made a decision and within a week landed a huge contract! She is working in a state of tremendous joy and her opportunities are expanding quickly and radically. I give thanks to the ancestors and to those who speak through this ancient portal for giving the information that helped guide her into a new empowered place in her life.

Are You at a Crossroads?

If you’re at a crossroads and need some direction, please contact me for more information. We can do a reading over the phone, Skype or iChat, or even better: meet face-to-face.

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