Martin J. Munroe, Ph.D.

Martin J. Munroe, Ph.D.

Who is Martin J. Munroe, Ph.D.?

Hi, I’m Martin Munroe and I am a certified in the field of Cowrie Shell Reading/Divination. I have had the extreme pleasure to work with elder and western educated mentor, Dr. Malidoma Some who brought this wisdom from his village in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

My primary training in Divination has been with recognized expert and innovator, Toby Christensen who has been working with Dr. Some since 1991. Through Toby’s teaching and mentorship I have learned the “medicine” of this unique 5 element divination method. Referred to as Cowrie Shell Reading this art has been entrusted to very few people in the world.

I am honored to be able to use this ancient indigenous technology in a relevant, modern, state-of-the-art method; one that will be extremely useful to you in achieving the life you want to live. I believe that there is wisdom in challenging ineffective norms and rules and that considering different points of view can make room for new possibilities.

“The Five Element System of mineral, nature, fire, earth and water are a key organizing model for individual growth and change.

Merging useful and successful cultural practices to gain a healing world view is what makes my work so unique.

From Theater to Healing

I bring a special skill set to Cowrie Shell Readings. I have spent most of his life working in the theater; first as an actor, then as a director and producer. I have worked both here in the States and abroad. Along with a group of talented colleagues, I formed a successful theater company in Dublin, Ireland. In the past few years, I have been consulting with arts organizations to help them develop fundraising strategies, board building, etc.

I also hold a Ph.D. from University College Dublin in Anglo-Irish Literature.

As you can see, my work has always been results oriented.

So when Toby introduced me to the ancient and effective art of Cowrie Shell Reading, I knew that he had found something I needed to pursue. My first experience with this form of divination was as Toby’s client. Within a couple of sessions we both recognized that I was being called to do this exciting work.

At Toby’s suggestion I participated in an intensive healing workshop on the island of Kauai. It was there that I was introduced to the aforementioned Dr. Malidoma Some. Malidoma and I forged an immediate and lasting friendship.

Never one to sit still, I eagerly began my training in Cowrie Shell Reading, Therapeutic Drumming and Shamanic healing practices. I now has an established healing practice with many satisfied clients.

Sound Healing

I am also a certified Sound Healer. I have been trained in the unique process called Sound Attunement Therapy which employs sound energy from my drum and singing bowl along with the focused intention of his client to create an energetic shift or transformation.

In Toby Christensen’s words:

“Effortlessly and delightfully the things that no longer serve you fall away and the things that you desire to attract find you more easily.

The healing that many have searched for is accessible through this combination of ancient practices and modern science.

Here’s What His Clients Say

“Martin has helped me bring up unresolved past issues, old habits and patterns to the surface to heal and release them. His healing work has also helped me clear away old energy has kept me from moving forward in my life.” – Heidi, Chicago, IL

“I met Martin in early 2014 and have been a client of his since. I have found each one of my sessions with him to be a great experience. After working with a variety of excellent healers over the past two years, I have discovered that Martin offers something really special and unique with the Cowrie Shell Reading and Sound Healing. These modalities coupled with his profound connection to the divine have made for some very powerful healings for me. He has helped me to navigate through some personal challenges with grace and courage. Martin is always so supportive and positive, and he delivers the information and messages I am meant to receive with sensitivity and compassion. I am so grateful for his guidance and support, and I could not recommend him highly enough. – Amanda, Park Ridge, IL

Please contact Martin for more information.

Martin J. Munroe, Ph.D.
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